What’s SmartLink?

SmartLink is a fully managed service designed for improving the efficiencies of ocean shipping, covering data integration service, customs filing service, and visibility service. We have been developing logistics solutions and services for the past 30 years and managing customer projects with the ability to analyze and optimize all their logistics processes. To dramatically increase your work efficiency, we allow you to integrate logistics data with your trading partners using multiple types of modern and trendy components. Logistics stakeholders can take advantage of the efficiency by the availability of data connectivity and process integration for logistics fields.

Data Integration Service

SmartLink provides a fully managed cloud-based integration solution, that helps logistics stakeholders to simplify data integration and ensure a real-time data flow. Whether you need data integration, B2B integration, system and application integration, IoT integration, or API integration, SmartLink helps to connect any systems and applications for real-time data sharing. SmartLink is suitable for any logistics stakeholder regardless of the size of the enterprise. We help to develop a variety of data standards and formats, such as EDIFACT, ANSI X12, JSON, XML, or proprietary formats.

We have been developing data integration solutions for the past years, providing fully managed services for global leading carriers, freight forwarders, container terminals, logistics service providers, and logistics stakeholders. SmartLink integration solution includes essential features, such as message transmission and transformation, pre-built adapters, data analytics tool, advanced workflow configuration tool, integration sets, and document automation.

SmartLink iPaaS Capabilities for logistics stakeholders

✔️ Cloud-based Data Integration Platform

SmartLink supports multiple types of integrations, including Application Integration, Data Integration, B2B/EDI Integration, and Event-driven Integration for exchanging logistics information with your trading partners.

✔️ White-labelled Integration Platform

Depending on the type of platform and the sophistication of your customer’s use cases, the cloud-based SmartLink Platform allows you to launch your own integration services or applications in the shipping industry.

Logistics EDI Integration

Electronic data interchange (EDI) integration has become popular for business-to-business (B2B) communications, enabling companies to achieve next-level automation for their inter-company processes. With the EDI integration solution from a trusted provider, you can optimize your business operations while saving time and cost.

▪️ Connect to any systems and applications with pre-built standard connectors

▪️ Transform data into any format with pre-built automation templates

▪️ Use advanced multi-step workflows to pass data from one to the other

▪️ Help customers keep their systems running smoothly with our data integration specialists

Fully Managed Service

With a fully managed service from logistics data integration, our team of data integration experts takes on the responsibility of managing your logistics data process and infrastructure, so that you can focus on what matters to you - your business. Whether your organization has extensive EDI expertise or not, our managed service can help you meet the changing demands of global trade, and give you the capacity to scale up quickly as your business continues to grow.

Fully Managed Service from SmartLink helps to ensure:

▪️ 24 X 7 heartbeat monitoring

▪️ Unlimited telephone and email support

▪️ Managed update services

▪️ Remote diagnostic services

▪️ Managed cloud backup and restore service for policy configurations

Business Service

To keep goods flowing regardless of obstacles is the principal role/responsibility of logistic stakeholders. Therefore, it is important to continuously improve operational efficiency and launcsh new value-added business services. We've been developing the logistics business services to overcome the data challenges with modern applications and services within the industry by enabling customs self-filing, automatic sharing of updated ocean schedules, shipment movements, and carrier-related documentation. We allow you to plan container booking/shipping instructions, analyze shipment ETAs and vessel transit time, and submit all the customs filing services in a single platform.

Customs Filing Service

Security filings for global customs have complex issues to report declarations directly to customs. As one of the first service providers certified by global customs, SmartLink helps customers to solve their problems regarding customs declaration through the global customs network, electronic data interchange and featured visibility portal of One-Stop customs declaration functions. Tapped into at least 15 years of global customs services, we empower you to confidently prepare and complete customs declarations in a timely manner.

▪️ Equip with the skill set and ability to handle advanced filing services for the global customs

▪️ Innovate the cloud-based self-filing software for easily completing your customs responsibilities

▪️ Cover the global customs filing of AMS, ISF, AFR, ENS/EXS, KAMS, and ACI

Visibility Service

Visibility service is a subscription-based managed service designed for covering major steps of the ocean shipping process by enabling automatic sharing of updated ocean schedules and container movements. All the global leading ocean carriers, including the top 10 ocean carriers, are connected to the SmartLink in order to provide the event-driven notification service of real-time shipment tracking and be aware of delivery processes at the precise time of shipment activities occurrence.

▪️ Offer real-time shipment track & trace service with an event-driven push notification

▪️ Synchronize sailing schedules coming from the actual carriers’ data

▪️ Recognize the delivery process at the precise time of shipment activities occurrence

Carrier Connectivity Service

Carrier Connectivity Service aims to increase the efficiency of ocean shipping document operations by enabling the automatic sharing of updated shipping data between carriers and the parties dependent on that information. SmartLink manages your entire booking process and send shipment documents via EDI, in direct connection with global ocean carriers, whether you work with top carriers such as MSC, Maersk, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, COSCO, ONE, Evergreen, Yang Ming, HMM, and ZIM, or any other carriers.

▪️ Cover the information exchange of Booking, S/I, and Draft B/L

▪️ Manage the entire booking process and shipment documents via EDI

▪️ Share the updated shipping data between carriers and the parties dependent on that information.

Connect your products to the world with SmartLink solution.

SmartLink, an integrated platform as a service(iPaaS), is specialized in 

logistics data integration, real-time shipment track & trace, and global customs filing service.