API Platform

Share information with partners through API​

The SmartLink API Platform is a powerful open-source API management platform that helps customers easily and securely share and manage their systems and services with external developers, partners, and customers.

Scale and transform your business with the SmartLink API Platform to manage every stage of the API journey in any environment. The SmartLink API Platform empowers both technical and non-technical stakeholders to create and collaborate on API designs through an intuitive interface.

▪️ API creation, publishing, version management, monitoring capabilities

▪️ Revolutionize your API development speed to integrate APIs.

▪️ Provide strong security protocols to manage user authentication and authorization.

▪️ High configurability with self-service capabilities.

API Management

API creation, publishing, version management, monitoring capabilities, allowing for efficient lifecycle management of APIs.

Developer Portal

Developers can explore the API catalog and review documented API usage instructions, and easily and quickly participate in application development.

Security & Authentication

Uses security protocols such as OAuth and JWT to manage user authentication and authorization, enhancing security for API requests.

Monitoring & Analytics

By analyzing real-time API usage, performance, and traffic, it allows for gaining insights into API operations and improving user satisfaction.

Developer Portal

▪️ A web-based portal for developers using the API.

▪️ Access to API documentation, code samples, and other information provided by the API administrator.

Publisher Portal

▪️ A portal used by an administrator to create, publish, and manage the API.

▪️ Performing all tasks necessary to create, publish, and document the API.

Management Console

▪️ API administrator to configure and manage the API Manager instance.​

▪️ Performing API management tasks such as API gateway, user management, logging and monitoring, and security and access control.​

Monitoring & Analytics

▪️ Providing analysis and visualization tools for utilizing log data. ​

▪️ Analyzing data and representing it in real-time through various charts and visualization web tools.

▪️ Error monitoring, as well as the ability to check API usage, performance, and traffic statistics.

Use Case

API Portal

Using the SmartLink API Platform, you can create your business as an API Product Catalog and share it with customers and partners.

▪️ Through APIs, you can easily share data with customers and partners, leading to improved business efficiency.

▪️ Having an API Portal with minimal effort can enhance your business competitiveness.

▪️ The integration of customer and partner data becomes less challenging, enabling increased accessibility.

API Gateway

Using the SmartLink API Platform as an API Gateway, you can facilitate the transition of your system to a Micro Services Architecture (MSA) structure and use it when integrating various internal systems through APIs.

▪️ By not having to worry about API management, security, authentication, monitoring, and more, you can focus solely on implementing your business applications, making API integration easier.

▪️ Accessing API documentation for each module and system becomes effortless, leading to enhanced development productivity.

▪️ The ease of API integration also improves operational efficiency in system management.

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